Intangible assets, including patents, trademarks, data, and software, comprise 90% of the S&P 500’s $21 trillion market value and over $74 trillion globally, representing a seismic shift to an innovation economy that will drive the projected quadrillion-dollar value of IP assets by 2050. Scientific R&D generates the majority of IP assets underlying the $74 trillion global knowledge economy today, contributing tens of trillions of dollars in value. With R&D spend rising amid growing innovation demand, science’s share could exceed $100 trillion by 2050. Unlocking its full potential through improving funding, resources, and reproducibility is key to realizing projected IP asset value.


Studies show that this global community of scientists and researchers are severely hindered by the Crisis of Science, a broad term that encompasses malignant inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and inequalities that impact the $2.4 trillion R&D industry. Such crisis is manifested in the malfunctioning peer-review tradition, the reproducibility crisis, science funding inequalities, unequal global talent flow, and pervasive cognitive bias in empirical research. Our market research revealed that the serviceable addressable market (SAM) opportunity for innovative peer-review solutions is estimated at $17.28 billion globally. In the European Union, there is a €9.85 billion SAM opportunity that combines VC-science funding solutions (€8.84 billion) and data reproducibility platforms (€1.01 billion).


While the Open Science and Decentralized Science movements focus on technological and systematic aspects of the crises of science, KNOWDYN focuses on the human aspects. Our mission is drive the evolution of the global scientific community towards better science, more freedom, and equal prosperity. KNOWDYN is creating new possibilities for the global scientific community to share knowledge, exchange expertise, and capitalise on resources and institutional acumen.


KNOWDYN took the first two years of execution to conduct primary research through a series of venture project, one project addressing each of the three crises of science. The projects identified the immediate opportunities and pressing needs of a beachhead segment of the global emerging science leaders in many disciplines. In November 2023, KNOWDYN began developing its first digital solution to democratise access to top science resources for everyone, everywhere.