Are you a talented researcher?

Do you want to transform your research from lab to market?

We help academics become founders. Unlike university incubators, we focus on the human side of the lab-to-market transition, boosting team dynamics and leveraging diversity to create knowledge capital. Through practical real-world challenges, we help academics acquire the essential skills to steer their startups. By combining elements from behavioral psychology and strategic management, we guide scientists through team-building and market entry. By focusing on innovation, business strategy, and startup management scientists can run their startups smoothly through the rough beginnings.

Do you want to start working with machines?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are the first generation of machines capable of helping researchers in knowledge discovery, curation, and processing. LLMs are already expediting pharmaceutical R&D through basic technical writing and data mining. Now, and at zero software cost, researchers can develop human-machine frameworks where LLMs take care of knowledge discovery and curation tasks and let scientists focus on synthesis and presentation.

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