TRL Assessment

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment measures a scientific discovery or invention’s maturity level during its development. It uses a scale of 1 to 9, with 9 indicating a fully operational technology. This assessment helps researchers:

  • Secure funding: By demonstrating a technology’s feasibility and potential (higher TRL), researchers attract investors willing to support its transition from theory to real-world application.
  • Make informed decisions: Understanding the TRL allows researchers to plan development strategies, prioritize resources, and manage risks associated with bringing their discoveries to fruition.

Use the form below to request a complete TRL assessment from KNOWDYN experts. The cost of this service is GBP 500 and it takes 10 business days. Once you submit this form, we will send you our smart TRL Questionnaire to complete, then our experts will examine it thoroughly. Once the examination is complete, we will issue a digital certificate that proves the TRL stage of your research.

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