SCIENEUM was a research project which aimed to explore the possible role of nascent technologies in solving the $20 billion peer-review crisis in science. By leveraging cooperative game models in a decentralized network, SCIENEUM simulated a recruitment process of the world’s top scientists and most brilliant minds to foster a new model of scholarly publishing. […]

DeScience Fund

DeScience Fund is a tokenized investment fund for scientific research. The platform sits on a novel digital asset class embodying the ERC1155 standard to provide high-liquidity low-risk financial instrument to empower scientists and reward investors. Watch the video explainer below to learn more.


Web3 Marketplace for the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) industry CAEBloX is a token curated market where engineers can trade their CAE tokens in exchange of fiat or crypto currency. A CAE token is an non-fungible token (ERC721) that represents ownership and access control permissions for one or more CAE source files. Visit the project homepage […]


OxKnow is a blockchain-based platform that aims to solve the problem of reproducibility in science and engineering by providing a secure, decentralized knowledge graphing platform. The platform allows users to create, modify, and share knowledge graphs for parametric experimentation in science and engineering, while incentivizing and rewarding reproducible and open experiments. Visit the project homepage […]

Verihum Protocol

Biometric Proof-of-Humanity Infrastructure for Scientific Research Verihum Protocol is an innovative project that aims to establish the world’s first biometric proof-of-humanity infrastructure for scientific research based on IoT and blockchain technology. The protocol offers a unique and secure method of verifying human identities and ensuring the authenticity of research data on the blockchain. Identity theft […]

BRID Network

The Blockchain Researcher Identification (BRID) network is the blockchain mirror of ORCID. The project utilizes cold-wallet technology to provide every researcher with a personalized and immutable key to unlock the new world of tokenized intellectual property. Contact us for more information about this stealth-mode project. Connect to the OPTIMISM network and collect your limited edition […]